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Magneto-hydro-dynamic model of tropical cyclones intensification and their suppression ways


V.N. Gridin, А.Р. Smakhtin

Problem of struggle against tropical cyclones becomes more actually in connection with observed rise of inflicted damage as a result of these destructive natural disasters. Thousands of human sacrifices and a great number of demolished buildings, roads, bridges, and engineering infrastructure as a whole in traditional Earth’s regions for tropical cyclones become more pressing the researching problem of these atmospheric phenomena physical character. On a basis of researching the overall analysis of physical processes in tropical cyclones it was shown in V.N. Gridin’s and E.Y. Krasilnikov’s early published words that the tropical cyclone is a coarse-scale atmospheric vortex as an element of Von Karman vortex street under the flow past a small islands systems by the atmospheric stream in the World’s Ocean. The future atmospheric vortex intensification can be described in frames of the magneto-hydro-dynamic model. The physical model of the atmospheric vortex dynamic on the basis of researching the tropical cyclone untwisting processes into the stage of demolished cyclones ` is suggested in the present article. The suggested model is in rather good agreement with the picture of the tropical cyclone dynamic on the satellite image of the region where tropical cyclones are born and increase. As known the tropical cyclones are accompanied by severe lightning storms. Analysis of a structure of before storm clouds with the distribution of electric charges inside them and on the Earth’s surface shows that there are rather severe vertical electric currents in the Earth’s atmospheric which create the conditions for atmospheric vortexes intensification. During the first process phase the Ampere’s forces appear owing to interaction of the vertical electric atmospheric currents, they direct to the rotation center of the atmosphere vortex and press it. This phenomenon is known as Z-pinch in plasma physics. As a result the centripetal force increases in the rotating before storm clouds and this situation leads to increasing of the rotating velocity. The assessment of Ampere’s force value in before storm clouds shows that it is comparable with gas-dynamic pressure of initial atmospheric vortex as a result of Von Karman vortex street. During the second process phase the severe rotated atmospheric vortex goes below the before storm cloud under gravity from the zone of vertical electric field action. In this moment the Z-pinch process transitions into the θ-pinch process. As a result the contracting air-drop funnel («trunk») is produces and rushes form the lightning storm cloud to the Earth’s surface. The intensification model of the tropical cyclone owing to the atmospheric glow discharge and lowering of cloud vertical electric polarization allows the development of effective methods for tropical cyclone destruction during its first stage. It is necessary to fundamentally alter natural conditions for vertical atmospheric currents flow during a several days that leads to break of atmospheric pinch conditions. One of the most effective ways of practical solution of this problem is increasing the electric conductivity of Earth’s atmosphere in the creating tropical cyclone regions owing to transition of gas discharge into non-self-maintained gas discharge. The speedy decreasing of vertical electric cloud polarization will infringe natural magneto-hydro-dynamic processes of the atmospheric vortex rotation and will allow realization of a self-destruction operating mode for the tropical cyclone.
May 29, 2020

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