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Angiogenic factors in ovarian cancer


D.N. Kushlinskii, I.V. Tereshkina, K.P. Laktionov, L.V. Adamyan

Modern data about the role of main angiogenesis activator – vasoendothelial growth factor and its receptors, and also of some cytokines in mechanisms of neoangiogenesis in ovarian cancer are presented in the review. The biochemical, immunohistochemical, radioisotopic, and also instrumental methods of neoangiogenesis investigation, enzyme immunoassay of endogenous angiogenic factor in blood serum and in tumours tissues were analized. The analysis of experimental on clinical data on angigenesis in ovarian cancer patients, and the role of neoangiogenesis in efficiency rating of chemotherapy, prognosis and perspectives of target therapy was done.

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