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Acousto-optic broadband spectral efficient interface wireless access to networks «GRID»


V.N. Kurskii, V.V. Proklov, O.A. Byshevski-Konopko

In this paper actual now question is considered – development of wireless access tools, having high bandwidth capacity and spectral efficiency. Now GRID technologies are considered as most perspective for developments of virtual geographically distributed telecommunication and computing networks. And, wideband wireless access on so called “last mile” is recognized modern telecommunications fundamental problem in such conditions, then for virtual connection or by usage demands it is necessary to provide wireless data transfer with speeds from 100 Mbit/s (in mobile version) up to 1 Gbit/s and more (for fixed access) within virtual GRID networks. Now following mainstreams in the decision of this problem were defined: Significant increase of transmitting signals frequency spectrum; New signal constructions and algorithms of modulation/demodulation, providing ultra high speed transfer, compensation of effects of multi-ray beam propagation and so on; Utilization of perspective wideband transfer technologies with high spectral efficiency. The carried out in IRE RAS researches have opened new possibilities of realization of adaptive tools of extra wideband remote wireless access with speeds mentioned above. Conception of “wireless replacement for stationary cable” within virtual local GRID networks, suggested in IRE RAS, is based on specialized acousto-optic analog SAW-processor for correlation processing of complex signal coding constructions with extended spectrum, which are used on physical level of wireless interface and are compatible with local network interface IEEE Std 802.11a. Suggested solutions provide wide opportunities for modern telecommunication service granting and for multiband transfer of all kinds of information with variable traffic speeds. As the carried out researches show, application of non-traditional solid-state acousto-optic technology for creation of the basic components of wireless access interface is capable to provide their small dimensions and energy consumption along with high reliability and small cost in mass production. At the same time, the possibilities of the realization of specialized acousto-optic analog processor on their basis allows to expand essentially working frequencies band and to provide ultrahigh speed of signals processing and, accordingly, bandwidth capacity of wireless access. In whole, as a result of work there were established basic possibility and advantages of application of analog signal SAW processors for complex ultra wideband signal constructions processing in wireless communication systems.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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