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Superconducting integrated receiver based on hot electron bolometer mixer


N.V. Kinev, V.P. Koshelets, L.V. Filippenko, R.V. Ozhegov, K.N. Gorshkov, G.N. Gol'tsman, V.A. Seleznev

In this article first implementation of the heterodyne superconducting integrated receiver based on hot electron bolometer (HEB) mixer is presented. In section I the introduction is presented describing the importance and the last scientific achievements of this direction. In section II we discuss the structure of the integrated receiver. The flux flow oscillator based on long Josephson junction is implemented on one chip (size 4×4 mm2) together with the HEB-mixer coupled to twin slot antenna. In Sec. III the quasioptical properties of the receiver are described measured with the Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS). Direct response of the mixer at frequencies up to 2 THz is measured being actually the twin slot antenna characteristics included in quasioptical system integrated with HEB (taking into account the matching circuits for the coupling of the local oscillator). In section IV full characterization and analysis of the integrated receiver including the research technique is discussed. Frequency range of 450…620 GHz has been realized with noise temperature of about 1000 K at 600 GHz for intermediate frequency of HEB-mixer 0-1 GHz. Sec. V is the conclusion and outlook of this work.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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