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Comparison between two-fluid model application and granular gas model application for description of vibrofluidization


N.S. Orlova, R.K. Akhunzhanov

One effective method for purification of gases from harmful gaseous components is to pass gas through the absorbent vibroozhizhenny. To optimize the device for cleaning gases must vibroozhizheniya theoretical study process, which should take place by means of mathematical modeling. Depending on which factor (collision of particles or their interaction with the gas) is the determining factor in a particular machine, using different mathematical models vibroozhizheniya. This paper compares the results of calculations for the two-fluid model based on the Eulerian approach, using Darcy's law and the granular gas model with experimental data for the lower boundary layer vibroozhizhennogo solids. Two-fluid model and granular gas model of vibrofluized bed were described. The two-fluid model is based on Eulerian formulation using Darcy law. The granular gas model is based on collisions between particles and between particle and wall. Comparison between two models numerical calculations for bottom boundary of vibrofluidized bed were presented.

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