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Synthesis quasioptimal of antenna array for systems of broadband access


P.N. Bashly, Yu.A. Kuznetsov, S.G. Gladushenko, D.S. Mahov

Today is an important task to find new control algorithms complex amplitudes of the currents in the elements of the antenna array capable of realizing the potential of the antenna array to improve the quality of broadband communications systems. The method of synthesis of antenna arrays with integrated management, based on the optimization of its integral parameters for managing the complex amplitudes of the currents in the radiator array. The method of selecting items quasi-optimal antenna array with a total integrated current, based on the application of the theorem of Courant-Fischer minimax representation of the eigenvalues of the Rayleigh ratio, which, in essence, is the generalized energy functional provides that one of the key requirements for the antenna array for mobile information systems - versatility of synthesis methods, manifested in a common formulation of the problem of synthesis and application solutions for the problem of synthesis of the theorem on extremal properties of eigenvalues of forms. Numerical statistical studies that increase the attractiveness of the method of synthesis of quasi-optimal antennas. According to a statistical modeling method of choosing the elements with a common integrated current in the antenna array, which minimizes the reduction of quasi-optimal energy performance of the antenna array can significantly reduce the computational cost for the task of synthesis. Shows that, statistically elements with fixed complex amplitudes of the currents must be selected in the central part of the aperture array along one of the diagonals.

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