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Combined parametric synthesis of control for the stabilization of dynamic objects


D.S. Andrashitov, A.A. Kostoglotov, A.I. Kostoglotov, S.V. Lazarenko

One of the important problems of precision measuring systems is to maintain their performance in external vibration disturbances arising, for example, due to the impact of the generating staff, auxiliary equipment, transport, etc. Besides the work can be carried out on the road with cars or trains. Such disturbances are kinematic, and their impact on the means of measuring the parameters determined by means of vibration protection, which are included in the appropriate mathematical model coefficients in front of the phase coordinates. Here, the basis for solving the problem of vibration measurement system of protection laid approach, according to which parameters are considered as controls. Consequently, the problem of optimal parametric control. We propose a method of synthesis of optimal control of actively protecting high-vibration measuring complexes. As a control object is selected changes the damping properties of the medium located between the vibrating structure and foundation. The method is based on mechanical-mathematical method, which consists in applying the principle of stationary Hamilton – Ostrogradskii asynchronously – needle variation. He got the name "The combined- maximum principle." In contrast to the known methods of its use greatly simplifies the problem of optimal control synthesis, significantly reduces the amount of computational resources, ensures the stability of motion control. The results of numerical simulations have confirmed the effectiveness of the method.

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