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Colorization of objects on images on the basis color marking


A.I. Sherstobitov, V.I. Marchuk, V.A. Prihodchenko, C.M. Strukov

In this paper the method of converting image presented in shades of gray, in color, by solving the problem of color-coding. The results of comparative studies of semi-automatic method of color-coding and color-coding method based on spectral transformation. Based on a set of test images shows the results of the solution of the color-coding of different methods of color-coding. Comparative characteristics restore the color channels in the RGB color space is based on processing a set of test images, which show the benefits of using the color-coding method based on color markings. The use of this approach allows us to solve a wide range of tasks color restoration with limited a priori data. The results of the method of color-coding on the basis of the color-coded in the solution of changing the color of the image and objectives of the individual coloring of the image. The study of effective use of color-coding on the basis of the evaluation of the standard deviation between the original and evaluated the histogram color channel, the peak signal / noise ratio, the maximum absolute difference between the original and priced color channels. The results show high efficiency of the method of color-coding on the basis of labeling as compared to automatic methods.

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