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The peculiarities of the processing of the second order wideband signals by means of orthogonal frequncy dimension multiplexing procedure


L.V. Lityuk, V.I. Lityuk, A.A. Kuznetsov, E.V. Verstakov, D.G. Kireev

At present there are complex signals of the second order (CSSO), which consist of two phase-shift keyed complex signals of the first order (CSFO), the laws of intra-phase shift keying (PSK), each of which depend on each other. The advantage of PSK signals is the ease of generating and processing. Ensembles feature of such signals is that the sum of the autocorrelation function (ACF), which is called the total ACF, and which takes the form of digital "-functions." To implement the required total ACF requires that summed responses that appear on the output of the corresponding matched filters (MF) SSEL, would have the same initial phase, and each of SSEL there would be no frequency shift. The procedure of application of second order wideband signal (SOWS) by means of orthogonal frequency dimension multiplexing (OFDM) procedure is examined. The procedure of OFDM is based on the algorithms of IFFT and FFT which allow forming, transmitting, receiving, adopting and processing echo SOWS.

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