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Methods and algorithms of multichannel spatial processing of broadband signals


V.P. Fedosov, A.V. Emelyanenko, S.G. Gladushenko, P.M. Pomorcev

The combination of MIMO and broadband principles of manipulation, in particular, OFDM, will increase the capacity of a wireless access. In this array (AP) used for the transmission and reception of radio signals, should have the bandwidth, consistent with the parameters of OFDM, and the sampling frequency and duration of packets – the number and values of the subcarriers. The results of development and research of space-time adaptive algorithm in a MIMO-communication system (multiple-input multiple-output), based on the OFDM-modulation (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing – OFDM) in the line of wireless-based arrays. Comparative analysis of the results of studies have shown that the use of the space-time adaptive algorithm significantly reduces the likelihood of erroneous decisions, which approximates the bandwidth due to the optimum for a given signal/noise ratio.

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