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Dielectric properties of nanoporous metal- organic framework structures in the millimeter-wave band


V.V. Meriakri, M.P. Parkhomenko, N.A. Fedoseev, Lu Kuang-Lieh

Dielectric properties of eight samples of different porous metal–organic coordination networks (MOFs) were investigated in the short part of millimeter of electromagnetic waves (frequencies 80- 115 GHz). These materials have absolutely different types of dispersion in the millimeter waves range. Part of MOFs have Debye type of dispersion, others have strongly damped resonant type of dispersion with resonant frequencies more or less than frequencies under investigation. It was found that dielectric properties of MOFs must be depend on ambience. Such MOFs can be used as a sencor os ambient air.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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