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An experimental investigation of the dispersion characteristics of magnetostatic surface waves


S.A. Vyatkina, N.P. Nistratov, R.K. Babichev, V.N. Ivanov

The dispersion characteristics of the magnetostatic surface waves (MSSW) excited in two different layered structures that include tangentially magnetized ferrite film of yttrium iron garnet with substrate of gadolinium gallium garnet have been theoretically and experimentally investigated. The first structure includes magnetized ferrite film bordered on air medium from its top-surface. The second structure includes ferrite film with top surface bordered on ceramic substrate. Theoretical calculations have been made using the exact dispersion equation of electromagnetic modes propagating in structures that include tangentially magnetized ferrite film with surfaces bordered on media with different permittivity. This equation is based on an electrodynamics approximation. Experimental results have been obtained utilizing experimental device specially developed for these purposes. Experimental data obtained are in a good agreement with theoretical results. It has been found that in the low-wavenumber region the magnetostatic surface waves correspond to electromagnetic surface modes, the dispersion characteristics of which are calculated using the exact dispersion equation based on an electrodynamics approximation. It has been shown that in structures investigated at given values of bias field and saturation magnetization of ferrite film, the minimum wavenumber and the lower frequency range limit of electromagnetic surface modes are determined by the permittivity of ferrite film and surrounding media.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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