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Influence of superficial mass transfer on decay of radio-waves in a multicomponent turbulent boundary layer


N.I. Sidnyaev, V.P. Savchenko

The basic properties of flows with the big speeds taking into account physical and chemical turning into are stated atmosphere of the Earth. The mathematical formulation of a problem is offered and boundary conditions of set of equations describing multicomponent reacting flow at a catalytic surface, including with the account массоподвода are formulated. Fields of concentration distributions chemical a component on a thickness of a boundary layer are received. Numerical results for a wide panel of defining parametres of flow and thermoexchange are discussed. It is revealed that in the major sizes influencing decay of radio-waves, concentration of materials on a thickness of a boundary layer on a catalytic surface, quotients of speeds and intensity of mass transfer are defining. Level of nonequilibrium ionisation of sodium is defined by the account only process of ionisation of sodium at interference with singlet oxygen. For the areas of heights of flight GLА lying at level of 27 – 30 km and above, it is necessary to consider only forward reactions. At smaller heights sodium ionisation will be close to the equilibrium. The size of level of ionisation of sodium and accordingly absorption of radio-waves in relation to level of ionisation of pure air depends mainly on relative percentage by weight of atoms of sodium near to a flying machine surface. At relative concentration of sodium nearby 10-4 level of ionisation of the last slighting is small in comparison with level of ionisation of pure air. Owing to diffusion the maximum size of level of ionisation both for pure air, and for impurities drops approximately on two orders of magnitude. As the most essential ionisation of sodium results from reaction with threefold interference, ionisation of impurities appears rather more appreciable at small heights of flight of flying machines.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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