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Investigation of the acceleration of multiple solution of linear algebraic systems with a partially changing matrix by a block method


R.S. Surovtsev, V.K. Salov

In the introduction, the problem (multiple calculation of the capacitance matrix of the structure of conductors and dielectrics by method of moments when changing the dielectric permittivity of the dielectrics) and its peculiarities which may help to speed up the solution of the linear system are described. The investigated structure of conductors and dielectrics is shown. In the main part of the paper, the computational experiment is described. The time of a single calculation for various ratios of the number of conductor subintervals to the total number of subintervals is given. The ratio of the calculation time of the linear system by the regular method to the calculation time by the block method depending on the number of the calculations is obtained. Estimates of acceleration the multiple solution of the linear system for two matrix orders is given for the number of the solutions from 210 to 215. In the conclusion, the results of the experiment are given and the conclusions are summarized. A maximum acceleration up to 11 times for the problem under investigation is obtained.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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