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Development and implementation of online security epassport protocol on Asp.Net


Le Xuan Duc, V.M. Tkachenko

A Passport is a document issued by a government to one of its citizens that provides a means of authenticating the identity and nationality of that citizen. A Passport is required for almost all international travel. The e-passport, as it is sometimes called, represents a bold initiative in the deployment of two new technologies: Cryptography security and biometrics face, iris and fingerprints. In this paper we propose an on-line authentication mechanism for electronic passports that addresses the weakness in existing implementations, of both The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and EU. Our proposal utilises ICAO PKI implementation, thus requiring very little modifications to the existing infrastructure which is already well established. the implementation of electronic passport using ASP.NET. the result is used to create an electronic passport of Vietnam.

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