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GRASP graphical object description languag


A.V. Litvinovich

The technology of three-dimensional visualization in modern science and technology are an integral and very important element of processing complex information about the spatial structure of objects. Technology level OpenGL or Direct3D allow you to not only visualize spatial object, but also convert the image using the shift operators, rotate, zoom, etc. With all the variety of tools for this technology, software development security, increase the level of the description of object visualization (including the level of ontology), allowing to declaratively to extend classes of images and with the environment of visual programming, remains relevant. The article includes the language of the description of graphic objects – GRASP, has developed procedural and declarative component, compact and readable description of the image, expansion capabilities and environment of visual programming. A brief comparison of the GRASP of the most well-known tools of computer graphics. To GRASP implemented interpreter, which successfully integrates with ontological descriptions, as in many other areas (prototype designs, medicine, commercial applications that use the OLAP-technologies, intellectual training programs, interdisciplinary integration of observational data, etc.) rendering is required it is conceptual level. Provides brief information about the syntax and semantics of the language, describes its implementation and the results of testing. Experimental research has shown efficiency of language interpreter, like in the offline version, and in the framework of the overall system, including translation of the description of constructions on the object-oriented natural language in the ontological description, generating text to GRASP and call the interpreter, synthesizing the image. Possibilities for expansion GRASP and use it for verification of ontologies. In conclusion, the prospects of further development and use of language GRASP.

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