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Method for detection of anti-radiation missiles by suppression meaus


A.A. Ionkin, O.N. Nepluev, A.N. Samushkin, V.I. Shevchuk, S.V. Jagolnikov

The purpose is to offer actively-passive method for detection by suppression means (SM) homing on radio radiation by anti-radiation missiles (ARM) and subs tan tiate parameters realized in them detections. Detections for attack of ARM at application of active-passive method is realized three stages. At the first stage the active radar detection of attacking missiles realized by signal radiation on the determined frequency and processing of the reflected signal in Doppler receiver. The fact of the attack is fixed on presence of the reflected signal on the frequency with Doppler shift, conditioned by possible meanings of radial velocity of the missile. The second stage of detection for ARM attack is passive detection of idle radiation of seeker heterodyne heads radiation from seeker SM in that direction, where the tact of missile existence initially established. The third stage for detection of ARM attack is rechecking of heterodyne signal presence, realized by realignments of the carryinging frequency of the radiation SM and analysis of seeker heterodyne on this realignment. The efficiency for application of active-passive detector in SM depends the correct choice of its parameter. The Problem of the motivation parameter detector realizing given method is worded as follows: find the parameters , corresponding to minimum of the mean time before correct completion of searching for of the useful signal under final probability of the successful termination of searching for not givenned and given relations signal/hindrance q. Using graph theory, were built probabilistic-temporary columns event, occurring at analysis as one (i -go) of the element of the permit, so and result of their transformation for conditions of the absence and presence of the signal in this element of the permit, in accordance with which are received expressions for calculation of final probability of the successful termination of searching for and average time before correct completion of searching for. The Considered example of the decision given problems, referring to class of the problems to multivariable optimization. Considering that functions and in general event are not convex, algorithm was used for her(its) decisions to global optimization, realizing method of casual searching for.

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