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Transmission lines and basic elements of planar and three dimensional integrated UHF and EHF circuits


S.B. Klyuev, E.I. Nefyodov, T.Yu. Chernikova, Wusheng Ji

The brief review of previous publications and works on the selected subjects is given. Main attention is given to the theory and technique of transmission lines and basic elements of 3-dimensional integrated UHF and EHF circuits (TDIC). By present time the theory, technique and application of TDIC to the radioengineering and radiophysical equipment of most different purpose have received high enough development and in some areas (for example, in the technique of phased, active, adaptive, etc. antenna array) define the general level of achievements. It is noted, that a number of applications will gain by use 2 1/2 TDIC technology to which belongs the nearest and more long-term future of a radio engineering. The nonsymmetrical slot line (NSL) and related to it a double nonsymmetrical slot line (DNSL) are analyzed. Their essential advantages are shown. Characteristics of delay and wave resistance of the basic working types of the waves calculated at an electrodynamic level of severity are given. A new class of rib -dielectric line (RDL) is considered. Essential advantages of the selected method of the analysis over traditional approaches (Galerkin method with basis on weighed Chebyshev polynomial) are shown. The basic characteristics of different types RDL are given. The different types of the considered transmission lines are the basic elements of TDIC. In particular, galvanic transition between two nonsymmetrical strip lines, transition between NSL and RDL, a divider – adder on the basis of a double symmetric slot line (DSSL) and slot line with screen substrate, found wide application, for example, in antenna technique. Electrodynamic calculation of matrixes of dispersion of all mentioned base elements is made.

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