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Method of obtaining the interpolated estimations of the parameters motion of aircrafts with the use the dynamic filtration on results the discrete trajectory measurements


V.G. Naydjonov, V.I. Polyakov, V.M. Grigorenko

In article the new method of obtaining the interpolated estimates of the parameters motion of aircraft with the use of a dynamic filtration by results of discrete trajectory measurements is developed. This method is based on the idea of counter-filtering when used generalized direct and inverse Kalman's filters, which are respectively filter the information in the forward and reverse directions with the obtaining of independent estimates. Furthermore, these estimates are combined in a special way. The substantive theoretical provisions of method were worked out, including the building of the equation for conditional mathematical expectations smoothed estimates of the vector of the parameters motion of aircraft at the time of receipt of the measurements, as well as the equation for the conditional mathematical expectations interpolated estimates of the moments of time, located inside the interval measurements. The generalized algorithm of determination of the interpolated estimations of vector of parameters the motion of aircraft is worked out with the use the dynamic filtration, showing a general procedure for obtaining of the required estimates. Given the results of approbation of the developed method on the example of processing of discrete trajectory measurements, which confirmed the efficiency of this method. A general conclusion consists of that is worked out method for obtaining the interpolated estimates of the parameters motion of aircraft with the use the dynamic filtering of the results of the discrete trajectory measurements enables efficient statistical processing of trajectory measurements with the receipt of smooth flight trajectories of aircraft. This can be obtained smoothed estimates of parameters of motion of an aircraft as at the time of receipt of the measurement, and at the moments of time when there are no primary measurement.

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