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Application the Internet of technologies for transfer of video content


A.A. Kondrashin, V.V. Sleptsov, A.N. Lyaminv

One of the most perspective telecommunication technologies of «tomorrow», technologies of transfer of a video content (teleprograms) through the Internet (IPTV, Web-TV, On line – TV) are. In work advantages and lacks IPTV before traditional methods of translations (digital, cable and satellite TV) are considered. The architecture of system is in detail described. The special attention is given consideration of possibilities and prospects of transfer IPTV on networks of user's access various types and structures. The basic advantages and lacks wire and wireless networks of user's access on delivery IPTV – a content are shown. It is revealed, that wireless lines possess now unique considerable advantage – mobility presence. Thus, despite set of kinds of networks of user's access, the most perspective for transfer IPTV are hybrid networks, i.e. the networks consisting of incorpo-rated segments, differing both by a physical principle of transfer of a video-content, and on their architecture. The versatile analysis of data has allowed to draw a conclusion, that all strategic prospects of development of technologies networks of user's access are directed on creation of the uniform standard of universal personal communication UPT (Universal Personal Telecommunication), providing access of users to the information (including and to a video-content) on any telecom-munication networks to any points of the Earth.

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