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Influence of copper nanoparticles parenteral administration on elemental composition of rats


E.A. Sizova, S.A. Miroshnikov, S.V. Lebedev, A.V. Skalny, N.N. Glushenko

At present the use of vital metals in form of nanoparticles being a source of elements for the organism and potential drug carrier is prospective. The timeliness may be confirmed by the absence of common opinion on safety of copper nanoparticles administration to organism. The research of the most common regularities of reflected biological and toxic effects of nanoparticles depending on their form, size, source material, surface area, charge and other physical and chemical structural peculiarities as well as doses, ways of administration, concentration in target organs and exposure time are the most important questions in toxicology of nanoparticles and need detailed study. Mineral composition of rat tissues has been researched for 25 elements by means of atomic emission and mass spectrometry at one-fold and manifold intramuscular administrations of copper nanoparticles sized 103,0 ± 2,0 nm and covered by oxide film of 6 nm and phase composition of crystalline copper 96 %, copper oxide 4 %. The conducted studies make us to assume that there is no critical change in common pool concentration of microelemenents, toxic and essential elements as well as in content of administered copper in tissues of animals at manifold administration of copper nanoparticles in biotic doses to organism. This attests to the absence of irregularities on the part of system of metals homeostatic regulation in organism at nanoparticles introduction. Though, histological examinations and studies of cell apoptosis confirm the presence of significant structural changes in tissues and progressive increase of apoptosis in cells up to the 12th week of metal administration. This attests to the fact that some or group of elements significantly influence on biological response to manifold administration while common pool of macro- and microelements is rather stable.

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