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Spectrophotometry studies of acoustic excitation of reverse micellar systems containing nanoparticles of silver


D.L. Tytik, A.A. Revina, O.V. Suvorova, S.A. Busev, V.I. Kuzmin, A.F. Gadzaov, N.S. Kozlova, N.A. Siminel

Reverse micellar system (RMS) AgNO3/H2O/АОТ/isooctane/Qr/silver nanoparticles is a model of a biological system with high degree of organization. The system showed anomaly light absorption in UV-area λ ~ 185 ÷ 230 nm. Previously D.N. Nasonov in experiments with acoustic excitation of cells of animal and plant origin detected the significant alteration of its absorption properties after treatment on particular frequencies. The experiments were performed on acoustic excitation of RMS in order to detect physical and chemical effects determined by interactions between acoustic and optical frequency ranges based on resonance mechanism. Samples of RMS were excited by high intensity acoustic field (140 dB) in the frequency range 1.0 ÷ 3.2 kHz. Exposition duration ~ 20 minutes. RMS spectrum (spectrophotometer Cary 5000) after acoustic excitation showed the increase of light absorption in 30-60 % in UV-range depending on excitation parameters. Maximal effect of increased optical absorption of RMS solution was observed in the area λmax ~ 204 nm for acoustic excitation frequency 2.37 kHz. There was detected the shift of the zone of optical absorption of solution in the area λ ~ 190 nm. There was proposed the method for evaluation of frequencies of reactions of nonlinear systems on external coherent physical fields. The method is based on the effect of synchronization of outer field parameters with the resonance properties of the system.

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