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Neuronetwork encoder of texts


V.P. Dobritsa, A.A. Lipuno

The article is devoted to the detailed review of coding and criptoresistance on the basis of neuronets. At the time of creating the program code there was the aim to get the program which could quickly code the huge volume of data in the stream region with big probability of unproved nondetection. Due to the particularities of methods and principals of neurocomputer simulation it was decided to realize the neuronet capable to fulfill the processes of coding and decoding. The program complex includes two program models: one for the outworker and one for the neuronet user. The principals of work of the neuronetcoder, the blocks of code and decode, the table of the passing information, the examples of inquiry program windows and also the grounds of criptoresistance of the algorithm were examined in details.
May 29, 2020

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