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Electromagnetic compatibility of radar


V.N. Antipov, E.E. Koltyshev, V.A. Taganev, A.U. Frolov, V.T. Yankovsriy

To assess the electromagnetic compatibility of radar considered the geometry of the radar, and several analyzes of the signals emitted by other radars, the antenna and the receiving channel of the analyzed radar. We consider the energy losses in the main counter-radiation devices, radar antenna, a receiver, the system is processing. It is shown that the presence of the enemy's counter-radiation at the output of the radar observed or narrow-band noise or a discrete set of spectral records in each range gate. The normal work of the radar may be achieved by the suppression of counter-radiation at 70 ... 90 dB. When using multiple radars must take into account the geometric factor of their relative position, their field of view, as well as the type of the signal. Work together on different radar carrier frequencies can be achieved by spacing the radar range and angular coordinates, as well as the construction of the relevant field of view.
May 29, 2020

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