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Design of the thermal macromodels of functional cells


N.V. Saratovsky, M.S. Apuxtin, D.N. Repnev

The object of design are the thermal macromodel FC CAD SolidWorks. The purpose of the work – the development of thermal models FC carried out in accordance with the standard IEEE 1101.2, CAD SolidWorks. The methodology of work associated with the analysis of modern types of FC and the identification of the most used. For selected types of FC analyzes the structure and the thermal component of their schemes and mathematical descriptions. For each type of FC, using the resulting mathematical description, calculated as the total thermal conductivity coefficients of influence of each element on the total conductivity and the power dissipated in each branch circuit. After that the chosen thermal circuit elements that make a major contribution to the resulting thermal conductivity, and, based on a simplified thermal circuit is made. In a simplified thermal model in SolidWorks CAD software creates a solid macro model. To verify the correctness of the thermal macromodel conducted experiments: calculation of the thermal regime in the application of CAD SolidWorks Flow Simulation real FC and FC, developed with the help of macro models, and comparing the results obtained. During the thermal macromodels FC developed to improve the application of CAD SolidWorks, while maintaining the specified accuracy of the solution. Using the thermal macromodels can reduce the cost of computer time. Developed a library can be widely used in the construction departments to calculate the thermal conditions and the CEA during the learning process.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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