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Precise point positioning in global navigation satellite systems with use of pseudophase measurements ambiguity resolution


A.N. Podkorytov, M.A. Sorokin

It’s known that the methods of integer ambiguity resolution of pseudophase measurements are commonly used for relative navigation in global navigation satellite systems (RTK). For precise point positioning (PPP) integer ambiguities are generally estimated like float values. In recent years the approaches of the use of integer ambiguity resolution procedures for PPP have become known. But such approaches could be realized provided that precise ephemerides are used which are connected with specific measurements model that contains integer pseudophase ambiguities. The use of the integer ambiguity resolution methods for PPP in global navigation satellite systems is shown in the article. Specific measurements model with decoupled clocks for code and phase measurements is provided and compared with standard measurements model according to International GNSS service (IGS). During the computing experiments specific ephemerides (products of network solution) from NRCan (Geodetic Survey Division, Earth Sciences Sector, Natural Resources Canada) were used. The use of transitions between different integer search spaces is described and explained. These transitions are connected with reliability of estimated integer ambiguity values. The convergence period is reduced when procedure of integer ambiguity resolution is used for PPP in global navigation satellites systems. Obtained results prove that the use of integer ambiguity resolution procedure for PPP in global navigation satellite systems is reasonable, reliable and useful action.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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