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Equivalent network synthesis for multiport microwave structures


A.A. Gorbunova, Yu.V. Kuznetsov, A.B. Baev

Devising a microwave device model consists in synthesis of an equivalent circuit implemented through radio electronic components and delay lines. Such model can describe characteristics of losses microwave devices with required accuracy in broad frequency band. One approach suggests combining lumped-elements circuits and transmission lines. One of the advantages of this models may be their compactness and analysis easiness. In parallel, presentation of the model in the form of an equivalent electric circuit maintains its realizability as a microwave device under variation of parameters in the process of optimization. In some applications transmission lines can be neglected and the microwave structure can be described only by lumped elements model. The method of equivalent network synthesis for multiport microwave structure using a generalized Brune's synthesis method will be proposed in this paper as well as demonstration its application to results of two-port microstrip filter CAD-modeling. Also the filter equivalent circuit synthesis using its equivalent bridge circuit and one-port Brune's method will be presented and the comparative analysis of the results will be shown.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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