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Problems, possibilities, equipment of injured tissues ultrasonic sterilization


Yu.A. Ershov, S.V. Al’kov, A.L. Rticheva

Methods of optimization of ultrasonic sterilization of infected tissues are considered. The ultrasonic device for sterilization influences an infected tissues through the liquid environment. At inclusion of ultrasound this environment arise cavitation and the acoustic streams resulting in destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. The gauge – sensor control carries out transformation of a vector of properties of environment to a vector of a target signal. The target signal acts on an input of the converter. This device carries out return transformation of a vector of a target signal of a gauge – sensor control to a vector of the measured properties of environment. The vector of the measured properties displays the information on change of pathogenic microorganism’s amount from time, ultrasound intensity, a doze and a preparation kind. This information acts on the feedback block, and makes control decision – to reduce or increase any parameter of influence or to stop influence. Processing of purulent wounds, after introduction of a medical substance, carry out at optimum parameters: frequency 26,5 kHc; amplitude of oscillations of a radiating end face of a wave guide 40–50 microns; duration of influence of 4–5 min, intensity of 2–2,5 W/sm². Treatment of inflammatory diseases of soft tissues is in details investigated at the combined influence of low-frequency ultrasound and perftorane - medicinal substance. At treatment of a purulent wound on its surface pour a perftorane solution and through a wave guide generate ultrasound oscillations. At clinical researches it is established, that perftorane application with ultrasound results in acceleration of healing of purulent wounds on a background of increase of relative amount and functional of macrophage activity in a wound. For automation of diagnostics and evident display of a condition of a tissue during procedure the method of condition vector diagrams of a processable tissue is offered. It is shown, that for the control of effect of ultrasonic sterilization it is necessary introduction of a feedback in apparate-programme complex. The offered methods allow to lower distribution of an infection from a zone of the purulent center in adjoining tissues. This effect is caused by ultrasonic clearing of wound surfaces and activation of receipt in them of medicinal substances.

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