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The influence of nonlinear receiver channels on the performance of multichannel jammer canceller


V.S. Pavlov, S.A. Stolyarov

RF/IF section nonlinearity – one of the factors limiting a performance of jammer canceller. Nonlinearity causes distortion of the received signals in the channels and degrades interchannel correlation, thus reducing the quality of the cancellation. Relationship of nonlinearity parameters receiving channel and achievable values of cancellationratio has been considered in a literature on the example dual channels canceller. This article is a generalization of previous studies to an arbitrary number of channels. Thecanceller algorithm relies solely on the correlation properties of the signals. In this sense, the effect of any decorrelated factors can be regarded as a transformation of the matrix of correlation coefficients, which corresponds to a reduction in the cancellation. The article is devoted to the development of the RF/IF section model to investigate the effect of nonlinear distortion on the performance of the canceller. Computations are based on the expressions for the calculation of the matrix of correlation coefficients on the output of the nonlinear analog of the given parameters of the nonlinearity and the correlation matrix of the input signals. With the developed model, a plot of the loss factor of the cancellationratio of non-linearity, which is determined by the ratio of jammer power and "3rd order intersection point» IIP3 in RF/IF section. The results was confirm with simulation. Results define the requirements for aRF/IF section of a given jammerpower and can be used for developing RF/IF section.
May 29, 2020

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