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The updating of the processing of the air situation information that comes from the polytypic sensors in the automated control system


S.V. Kruglikov, A.A. Lipatov, S.V. Potetenko

This paper is devoted to research of problems and ways of improvement of air situation information processing in automated control systems (ACS). In existing ACS the primary, secondary and tertiary information processing are realized with a number of simplifications. That results to insufficient quality of the ACS information support. For these problems solution the universal information processing algorithm is offered in this paper. This algorithm is suitable for use in any hierarchy level automation environment complexes and independent of a hardware platform. The distinctive feature of the offered approach is secondary and tertiary information processing combination. When using the data from several sensors in aggregate it allows to reduce the time of information identification and synthesis when the target appears suddenly; to increase the nearly invisible target track detection probability; to reduce false tracks tracking time; to realize in information subsystem of ACS the information processing algorithms that are optimal by various criteria.

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