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Design of the Hi-Tech Folded Reflectarray Based on Printed Element Lattices


А.O. Kasyanov, P.P. Saplin, C.V. Sumatokhin

The problems of constructive synthesis of Cassegrain reflector antenna as integral circuit are considered. On a comparison with known constructions of such antennas the offered antenna has a series of advantages, namely, greater adaptability to manufacture of printed elements reflectarrays and more high level of a transparency of a polarizing filter due to introducing in antenna construction of a «clarifying» grating. The primary and auxiliary reflectors have been executed as microstrip reflectarrays. This provides low cost, small losses, lightness and compactness of constructions, because in this case Cassegrain antenna contains of feed and only two printed reflectarrays. Design and numerical results have been demonstrated for the focusing twist-reflector as main part of Cassegrain reflector antenna based on printed reflective type antenna arrays. If the dual polarization properties are used to provide a polarization twisting operation, low profile, low loss, and potentially, low cost mm-wave antennas can be realized. In paper some efforts will been described to do a full wave analyze of these reflectarrays; this ongoing effort probably will allow to optimize these antennas and to further reduce their depth.

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