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Monopulse mirror feed system antennas at the higher types of waves


A.E. Korovkin, D.Yu. Razdorkin, A.V. Shipulin

We consider using of corrugated horn in the antenna-feeder device for the implementation of auto-tracking features with the use of single-pulse method. Formation of partial radiation patterns is based on fundamental H11 mode and higher mode H21 excited in a corrugated horn. The article shows that the application formation of the partial radiation patterns with the higher types of events, provides a high power characteristics when implemented in are time of auto-tracking antenna systems, space vehicles. The results of investigations of the frequency characteristics of the feed, which provides tracking of objects using monopulse with the formation of the partial radiation patterns. The evaluation of the properties of broadband monopulse feed with the formation of sum-difference radiation patterns in the higher types of waves. The use of different length and shape of cracks in the H21 mode coupler can significantly improve the range of properties of the irradiator. The features of the design decisions, as well as the achievable electrical multimode feed X-band two-mirror antenna coupler on the basis of the highest type H21 waves in a circular waveguide, described the implementation of the irradiator and the sum-difference method in the monopulse auto-tracking system. Performed numerical simulations allow to estimate the influence of frequency dependency diagram generated in the sum and difference channels using multi-mode feed-based corrugated horn, and the dispersion of phase velocities in the elements of the antenna-waveguide channel in the frequency dependence of the characteristics of direction-finding antenna and waveguide devices auto-tracking system. A reasonable choice of parameters and the parameters of the wave guide coupler in as um and difference channels waveguide receiver circuits allows for auto-tracking mode in the frequency band up to 35 %. Develop practical re commendations for choosing the parameters of the coupler and the feed horn. Experimental verification of the monopulse feed with the formation of sum-difference beam patterns in the higher types of waves, which is implemented in theХ-band, showed good agreement between experimental and calculated results.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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