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Method of the phase syntheses of the antenna array on result of the test change the phase distribution


D.S. Mahov, S.E. Mishchenko

The method of the phase syntheses, which is reduced to building iteration procedure is offered. On each step iteration process is defined vector of estimation value of the target function when change the phase of excitement each element of array on 180 degrees. The received vector is normalized and characterizes efficiency of the participation element in performing the requirements of the problem of the syntheses. Dignity of the method are: possibility of the use the zero initial phase distribution, as well as absence to need of the differentiation to target function. This allows to solve not only aproximation problems of the phase syntheses of the antenna arrays, but also manycriterial problems with use the proposed method. In the last case, the target function presents as a combination several target functions, corresponding to quotient to requirements to the form of the directional diagram of antenna.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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