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Detection of Signals by Correlation of Orthogonal Polarized Components


A.V. Boldin, R.P. Bistrov, V.L. Rumyantcev, A.V. Khomyakov

Correlations for the decision rule and for probability of target signal correct detecting with an optimum receiver against the background of underlying surface reflections have been obtained. Faulty decision probabilities in case of a weak signal have been estimated. Probability density function for the duration of the sequential detection procedure has been determined. The adaptive procedure of signal detecting has been considered and a structure chart of the device has been synthesized. The analysis of the influence of the distribution parameters of orthogonal polarized components correlation coefficient on the range and correct detecting probability has been carried out. The calculation results indicate possibilities to overcome the prior uncertainty relative to signal parameters reflected from a target and terrain objects when using training procedure, and can be applied when designing the radars using polarimetric information for detecting stationary targets against the background of the underlying surface.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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