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Model and imitation algorithm of planet megarelief as an image on the surface


V.R. Krasheninnikov, R.R. Mikeev, M.V. Kuzmin

There exist exclusive standards to precise mathematic description of the Moon and terrestrial planets mega relief due to the problems of their exploration and navigation of spacecrafts. That’s why considerable efforts of explorers are devoted to the creation of mathematical models of mega relief based on existing measurements. The comparative analysis of the efficiency of these models is rather difficult because the model is usually applicable only to one certain object (e.g. the Moon) and it is not clear what results will be achieved on other objects. So the imitation of the given mega relief measurements, which are similar to a certain object, is of great interest. It can help to compare the efficiency of different methods of mega relief description. This paper suggests a model of mega relief as a dimensional image. It represents readings of a dimensional image based on points of a fixed surface – a sphere or an ellipsoid. For this purpose a dimensional image with a given correlation function is constructed on the base of a wave model. This model may be obtained by processing a certain catalogue of a planet relief. As an example relief imitation with a correlation function of the Moon relief has been examined. The obtained imitated images are similar to the real Moon relief.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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