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Detection of extended signals on polyzonal images


K.K. Vasilyev, V.E. Dementyev, N.V. Luchkov

In work algorithms of local not uniformity with a known form against the spatial and homogeneous image in the presence of white noise in the conditions of aprioristic uncertainty of coordinates and levels local heterogeneity are synthesized. The offered recurrent synthesis algorithms and the analysis of algorithms of detection of anomalies against the correlated hindrances favourably differ from known optimum procedures by smaller computing expenses. Analytical expressions for the analysis of efficiency of detection of signals with unknown levels on any number of the shots, important for creation of technologies of processing of polyzonal space and medical images are received. Necessary analytical ratios are found and the comparative assessment of procedures of detection of signals with known and not known levels is given. On the basis of the offered algorithms of detection of anomalies rather simple quasioptimum solving rules using only a part of available supervision can be constructed. Having compared efficiency of detection of these rules, and potential possibilities of real systems of detection, there is a possibility to choose the most suitable rule of detection.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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