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Numerical simulation of adaptive system of data exchange on the basis of multi-dimensional works codes


A.A. Gladkikh, D.N. Solodovnikova

The research into error combating codes proved the advantages of codes with a simple parity checking. On the basis of such codes there are built the consecutive cascade constructions, which widely use non-binary codes on the outside stages of data processing. Such codes can be successfully used in adaptive systems. This is explained by the fact that the length of the code vector remains unchanged when you change the redundancy of non-binary code. However, there is still actual the problem of transmitter and receiver synchronization by the code seed. The application of product code with dimension over 2 gives the opportunity to make the data exchange system adaptation procedure more flexible. This is possible due to the transfer of code blocks with the standard length, which do not change at the request of additional redundancy by the receiver. The application of product code opens up a number of other possibilities related to the characters de-correlation and parallel data processing.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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