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Technique of estimation of the condition of patients with cardiological pathology on the basis of immuno – the biochemical analysis of blood taking into account the ecological background of the region


N.J. Kelina, V.V. Pikulin, T.J. Mamelina, O.A. Kulikova

Survey of 119 persons at the age from 40 till 75 years with cardiological pathology is conducted. In work results of kliniko-laboratory inspection at 45 patients with a hypertensive illness (the 1st group of research), at 53 patients with a hypertensive illness and coronary heart disease (the 2nd group of research) are analysed. As control group (group of comparison) 21 donors were surveyed. These are almost healthy people without clinical manifestations of any diseases (out-patient research) at the age from 20 till 55 years. There are the data specifying influence of pollutants of atmospheric air a clinical course with a cardiological orientation. The effect of influence of the polluted environment is defined on the person by level and quality of pollution, duration of its influence, age of the patient and initial level of health. The assessment of level of pollution of the atmosphere is expressed through concentration of impurity by its comparison with hygienic standards. The most widespread criteria of an assessment of quality of atmospheric air is maximum permissible concentration (maximum concentration limit) of harmful substances in this environment.
May 29, 2020

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