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Synthesis and properties of magnetic nanoparticles stabilized into polymer matrix


N.G. Zakharova, A.A. Yurishcheva, G.I. Dzhardimalieva, S.I. Pomogailo, N.V. Gorbunova, N.D. Golubeva, A.D. Pomogailo, K.A. Kydralieva

This study was aimed to formulation and analysis of water-soluble magnetic nanocomposites based on nanoparticles of magnetite stabilized by natural polymer matrix – sugar beet-derived pectin. The magnetic composites were obtained by chemical co-precipitation of magnetic particles with the stabilizer – pectin; the content of pectin in the composite is varied from 2,5 to 80 mass. %. According to transmission electronic microscopy the iron oxide phase of the composite exists in the form of ordered nanosized structures organized in space in the form of chains of smaller particles. The particle size distribution is varied in the range from 20 to 100 nm. The obtained composites analyzed with the XRDA are characterized as a amorphous-crystalline structure; the iron species in all of the studied compounds is present mainly in the form of magnetite. The average size of nanoparticles of composites calculated by Scherer equation was ca. 14 nm and practically did not change with the change of the content of pectin in range from 2,5 to 10 mass. %. A more significant dependence of the sizes’ change of magnetite particles with the addition of pectin was observed with the increase of the content of pectin in range from 20 to 80 mass. %. The particle size distribution and the assessment of zeta-potential of composites measuring using ultrasonic spectrometry have shown that the particle sizes and zeta-potential of magnetite into composite is decreased with the increasing of the pectin content.

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