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Level of health and adaptive reaction of the population ecologically kontrast cities of the moscow region


A.Ya. Сhizhov, A.V. Sudarushkin, K.Yu. Mikhaylichenko

Тhe spectrum of nonspecific adaptive reactions in children of different age groups from 3 to 16 years who applied to outpatient treatment facilities for various reasons in this paper analyzes. The criteria for classifying patients to a specific adaptive response rates were in the lymphocytic level clinical analysis of blood. The analysis is performed on the sample of patients of the two central children's clinics in various cities of the Moscow region - Pavlovsky Posad and Lyubertsy, greatly differing in ecological status and morbidity. It is shown that in a more environmentally prosperous region (Pavlovsky Posad), where child and adult morbidity is significantly lower statistically dominated by the adaptive stress response, training and activation of calm, a common feature of which is less than% of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood according to standard clinical analysis . The probable cause of more frequent occurrence of stress as less than optimal adaptive reactions in ambulatory patients in an environmentally prosperous region assumes a lower fitness of adaptation mechanisms in the population located in an environmentally «soft» conditions. In unfavorable environmental Lyubertsy region, where child and adult morbidity is significantly higher in out-patients had higher prevalence of reactions of activation and reactivation. These reactions are characterized by high contents of% of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood, which in itself is the morphological equivalent of the child's body to adapt to a constantly acting harmful environmental factors. Accounting for the identified features adaptation processes allow different programs to optimize health care actions.
May 29, 2020

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