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Multisite radar systems based on MIMO radars


V.S. Chernyak

Thanks to wide transmitting beams of MIMO radars and the absence of space scanning, such MSRS can overcome one of main difficulties of the most effective cooperative reception: necessity of «pulse chasing» in the search mode if scanning transmitting beams are narrow. At the same time, the possibility to control transmitting beamwidths permits to concentrate radiating power in target directions in the tracking mode. Full compensation of energy loss caused by orthogonality of radiating signals and even energy gain is possible as a result of combining noncoherent signal integration at each MIMO radar with joint processing in a MSRS. It is reasonable to use the decentralized processing, which is much simpler to implement than the centralized one. Because each MIMO radar can measure not only range, but angle coordinates of a target as well, the problem of interstation measurements identification is easier to solve. Joint processing cannot cancel clutter in a MSRS because of its spatial noncorrelation. However, joint processing can enhance signal/(clutter+noise) significantly since many output signals from MIMO radars combine (when cooperative signal reception is used) and because a target is observed from different directions. In the tracking mode, one of important advantages of MSRSs should be exploit: the ability of precise target localization using target range and range sum measurements relative to spatially diverse radars. As a whole, it has been shown that MSRSs based on MIMO radars have a series of important advantages. Therefore, in spite of higher complexity of MIMO radars relative to radars with phase antenna arrays, MSRSs based on MIMO radars may be considered as a prospective lead in the radar development.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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