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Special features of the development of the radio-technical systems of the radio-electronic struggle


R.P. Bystrov, V.G. Dmitriev, Yu.A. Zemskii, Yu.M. Perunov, V.A. Cherepenin

At the present time the influence of radio-electronic struggle (REB) on the outcome of battle to a considerable degree was enlarged, affecting practically all processes of collection, transmission, handling and the use of information in the course of preparation and in the process of conducting the war shooting. The appearance of integrated multilevel systems of radio-, radio-technical reconnaissance (RRTR), control of war shooting and high-precision weapon determined the increased dependence of motion and outcome of war shooting on the readiness and the effectiveness of functioning of these systems and reliability of the information channels, which connect the elements of these complexes. In this case REB purpose becomes not only solution for particular problems connected with the disturbance of functioning of the information channels of the systems controlled by weapon and troops, but also reaching decisive superiority over it in the effectiveness, the stability and the quality of control. The USA and NATO alliance countries consider that the means REB are one of most important components of further development and application of a system С4I (Communications, Command, Control, Computers and Intelligence). The most important problems of the improvement of REB systems to the near future will be studies and the developments of new methods and ways of increasing the effectiveness of radio- and radio-technical reconnaissance, effectiveness of radio-electronic suppression, guarantee of a high probability of functional RES destruction, reduction in the distinctness of armament and military equipment, and also guarantee of electromagnetic compatibility of the RES work of different usage. Promising REB systems will be the complex, constantly developing organizational and technical systems and the complexes, which consist of the control centers and connection, means RRTR, systems of forming the adaptive suppression signals, and also computer-aided systems of collection and data processing.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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