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Quality of life of schizophrenia paranoic comorbid to diabetes militan


T.V. Varnakova, M.S. Artemieva, S.Y. Shinko, V.L. Karnosov

The treatment of schizophrenia associated with brain damage is one of the most common issue in psychiatry. According to previous studies, about 8,8-14,5% cases of schizophrenia is comorbid to diabetes militant. We were interested in evaluation positive (delirium, hallucination, pseudohallucination) and negative (apathy, motivation deficit, cognitive dysfunction) symptoms. According to Quality of Life questionnaire, patients with schizophrenia comorbid to diabetes militant don’t realized the severity of their status, combination of antipsychotic, nootrop, antioxidant is significant more effective than treatment only with antipsychotic. In summary, patients had diagnosed schizophrenia with comorbid diabetes militant effectually to be treated with both antipsychotic and metabolic drugs.

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