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The analysis of the integrated monkey retrovirus SRV-1 in human cell DNA


G.I. Myandina

The results of the theoretical analysis of the integrated monkey retroviruse SRV-1 in human cells DNA are presented. The nucleotide sequence of integrated SRV-1 has been characterized and compared with viruses’ genome. The results of sequencing of DNA of the virus chronically infected HEp-2 human tumor cells have confirmed its similarity to monkey virus SRV-1. in the genome of this integrated virus (SRV-HEp) we have detected a couple non-significant single-nucleotide substitutions. These substitutions do not change the amino acid sequence in translated protein. The characteristic of the retrovirus integrated genome is presented and possible mechanism of integration of retroviral DNA in non-permissive host genome is suggested.
May 29, 2020

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