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Vegetative and functional asymmetry at initial displays of insufficiency of brain blood circulation


A.V. Kutenеv, B.B. Radysh, G.V. Layuk, Iyad Afif Ahmed Yasin

The purpose of the research is the study of the indicators pupillometry, ultrasound dopplerography and blood pressure for diagnosis of disorders of cerebral circulation, correction and definitions of groups of people falling ill. The total number of the surveyed people were 278 people (165 women and 113 men) aged 25 to 35 years, 185 people were diagnosed with «initial manifestations of cerebrovascular insufficiency», 93 people were the control group. All investigated pupillometry conducted on the machine «DM - 2010 Iritech», transcranial Doppler major vessels of the head on the machine «Vasoflo 4", the control blood pressure on the Korotkov's method of on both sides. The survey was carried out twice: before and after individually dosed physical loading by the method of modified step-test. In patients with initial manifestations of cerebrovascular insufficiency are disorders of adaptive capacity in the form of reduced physical performance, autonomic and functional asymmetry. The physical load exacerbates the vegetative and functional lateralisation. In the control group the physical load in most cases, reduces the asymmetry. The obtained results of the study can be used as a basis for forming groups of methods ill and development activities for the treatment, prevention and correction of hemodynamic disorders.
May 29, 2020

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