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Results of using electrophoresis with enzymes on a model of epinephrine-induced glaucoma (experimental study)


N.A. Karpova, T.V. Fedorovskaya

Aim. To study morphological and hydrodynamic alterations in the rabbit eye with epinephrine-induced glaucoma and to assess efficacy of electrophoresis with enzymes on the formed model of EIG. Materials and methods. The study was performed using laboratory animals divided into three groups, with Group 1 being a control group (3 rabbits), Group 2 comprising rabbits with experimental glaucoma without treatment (n = 3), and Group 3 consisting of 12 rabbits with experimental glaucoma treated by enzymes. The latter group was subdivided into two subgroups, i. e., Group 3a consisting of rabbits receiving lidase as an enzymatic agent (6 rabbits) and Group 3b consisting of rabbits given trypsin (6 animals). All the animals were subjected to measuring intraocular pressure and determining hydrodynamic indices. Electrophoresis was performed on the POTOK-1 device (Russia). The enucleated eyes were subjected to a morphological examination. Results. Our findings demonstrated that long-term intravenous administration of epinephrine to rabbits induced alterations in hydrodynamics and structure of ophthalmic tissue, characteristic of glaucoma. Exposure to electrophoresis with enzymes resulted in normalization of the hydrodynamic indices and improved histomorphological pattern. The obtained findings suggest that this method of treatment for glaucoma could be considered effective and safe.
May 29, 2020

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