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Features circadian rhythms salivary trace elements in patients with uterine myoma


I.V. Radysh, V.B. Brunin, S.M. Semyatov, T.L. Botasheva

The results of circadian dynamics trace element composition of the whole saliva in healthy and uterine myoma in women of reproductive age. A total of 26 to myoma and 28 healthy women in the follicular phase of 6-9 days of the menstrual cycle, aged 20-42 years. The duration of the disease in patients with uterine myoma was 4,50,5 years and the size of uterine fibroids equal to 9,82,5 weeks. Found that in healthy women, the maximum concentration in the saliva of Al, B, Cd, Cu, Hg, and Ni was observed in the morning, and Cr, Fe, J, Se, Mn, Si and Zn - in the evening. Found that in women with uterine mean daily concentrations in the saliva of Cr, Cu, Fe, J, Se, Mn, Si, Ni and Zn was significantly reduced, and Al, B, Cd, Hg and Pb - increased compared with normal (p < 0,001). In patients with a shift of the maxima of urinary Se, Zn and Cr in the saliva in the morning, Al and Ni - on the evening compared with the healthy. In 12,5 % of patients revealed no statistically significant circadian rhythm of excretion of electrolytes. In conducting the correlation analysis established a negative correlation (p < 0,05) between the values of Pb and Zn concentrations in healthy and sick in the morning (r = –0,53) and evening (r = –0,62). Comparing literature data with the materials of our research, we can assume that the nature of a temporary connection between the excretion of electrolytes of saliva in patients differs significantly from the healthy. The imbalance of metals (their deficiency or excess) can lead to reproductive disorders among the female body. Thus, we found that the rates of chemical elements, whole saliva of healthy women have a distinct diurnal rhythm. The changes chronostructure circadian dynamics of electrolyte excretion in women with uterine myoma, according to the phenomenon of internal desynchronization and shifts the regulatory mechanisms aimed at finding the optimal mode of operation of functional systems of the body in the new environment.

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