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Tudying kinesis cages on a surface of an artificial eardrum


N.V. Perova, R.R. Rakhmatullin

The present article is devoted to development of an artificial eardrum on the basis of the bioplastic material "Hyamatrix". The Razrabotany artificial eardrum, possesses optimum vibroakustichesky properties comparable to a natural eardrum. The artificial eardrum has an oval form with diameter of 9,5 – 10 mm, or – 8,5 – 9 mm., thickness of 0,1 mm. Microscopic availability of radial fibers and with the circular direction is noted, as a whole the artificial eardrum models an average fibrous layer of a nativnoybarabanny membrane. It is supposed that formation external and internal an artificial eardrum will occur owing to migration of epitelialny cages of external acoustical pass and a drum-type cavity respectively. In communication with what in culture of cages of "in vitro" biocompatibility of an artificial eardrum was investigated and the assessment movement cages on its surface is made. As a result of the carried-out research it is established that imparted on a surface of an artificial eardrum mesenchymal stromalny stem cells of in vitro keep viability and are capable to movement.
May 29, 2020

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