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Features of physical development of children – orphans and children without parental support in postnatal ontogenesis


N.O. Davydova

The present article is devoted to a problem of development and adaptation of children – orphans and children without parental support. The research objective – to state the generalized assessment to development of children being in children's homes, their adaptable possibilities, and on the basis of the received data to optimize medical examination in orphanages in the concept of the critical periods post-natal ontogenesis. In most cases this category of children has no data obstetric, genealogical and other types of the anamnesis and in early ontogenesis the child can be judged trouble degree indirectly on individual level of small anomalies of development. High level of a stigmatizatsiya of these children is revealed, is authentic more often than boys (p ≥ 0,05). Often met a gipertelorizm (17,68 % at girls and 20,03 % at boys), anomalies of a bite (8,25 % and 12,01 %), anomalies of a skull (7,23 % and 8,54 %), anomalies of auricles (5,23 % and 6,04 %).

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