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Application of the near-planet relaying communication system during implementation of manned flights to the Mars


Yu.M. Urlichich, A.V. Kruglov, V.M. Vatutin, E.P. Molotov

It is shown in the article, that the uninterrupted communication of the Earth with the other components of manned expeditions to the Mars, including the establishment of a habitable base on the Mars surface, can not be provided without using (within the radio technical system for communication between the Earth and cosmonauts of the expedition to the Mars) a satellite near-planet data-relay communication system, built on the basis of using the repeater-satellites, placed in stationary orbits of the Mars. For solution of the same tasks the data-relay satellite subsystem shall be a part of the communication system which is operated in the durable habitable base located on the Mars surface.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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